The Texas Foster Family Association is hosting a conference this weekend to train those wanting to step into the important role of being a foster parent.

It's a one-stop shop of sorts.

"I have kids that are currently straight-A students, taking pre-AP classes and attending dual college credit courses that come from neglected homes," foster parent Patricia Arroyo said.

Arroyo has been a foster parent for 15 years and believes every child needs a chance to succeed.

"Yes they're broken but we need to be there to give them hope and help them suceed in life," Arroyo said.

Especially children in the foster care who have had a traumatic background.

According to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, more than 400 children in Nueces County came into foster care last year due to abuse and neglect.

Of Friday, conference attendees learned how to help kids adapt to their new life and environment while also following certain rules and regulations.

"Is there anything that I should consider? Is there anything in their history, their trauma, their past that might preclude them from actually engaging in those normal activities?" said Frank Lopez, Family Services clinical director. "Think about their background. Think about are they developmentally, emotionally, physically prepared to engage in those kinds of normal activities that we wouldn't keep any child from attending."

To find out more information about background requirements and when another meeting will be held here locally, you can head over to

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