PREMONT, Texas — Of course for many students and their parents, the idea of doing classwork at home is a brand new concept.

The Superintendent of Schools at Premont ISD says that 100% of Elementary students and parents came to pick up their homework and 95% of the Middle School and High School did as well.

Earlier this afternoon, 3News' Michael Gibson was standing in front of the home of some of those parents and students who are busy doing some of that work at home instead of at school.

This is what school life is like in Premont right now for the children of Cristina Lopez. According to Lopez, they are hitting the homework even though schools are closed.

"Yeah, they definitely need me to be there to kind of supervise and keep them in check. They are now part of mom ISD now," said Lopez.

Santiago is a freshman in High School and Sauda is in 6th grade, little Jayce is in Kindergarten. They all seem to be okay with this school at home arrangement.

"I miss school, one for I have a teacher there I can ask questions and stuff if you need help on work, but if I do need help on work I text some of my friends who were in the same classroom," said Premont freshman, Santiago.

That student's sister is also making do.

"I have done my reading a little bit of my math how did it go did you have any problems did you have questions and what are they if I have problems if I have problems with my math I ask I go to google classroom email my teachers or I text him for that," stated Sauda, another Premont student. 

The superintendent of schools there in Premont says this is an unusual arrangement but they're doing what they have to do.

"If there's any organization that is capable of making that transition in schools not just Premont ISD, but our neighbors, as well as schools throughout Texas," said Premont Superintendent, Steve VanMantre.

The kids do get in some playtime but Santiago says he now understands the importance of math and science, as some of the best minds in the world haven't been able to come up with a vaccine for COVID-19.

"Yeah maybe one of us, one they could probably if there's not a vaccine out yet, maybe we could figure it out," added Santiago.

Until then, these homebound kids are busy solving the Algebra and Biology questions of the day. 

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