CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — 25 dogs and puppies were found abandoned in totes sealed with chicken wire and zip ties in various parts of Corpus Christi back in July. They appeared to be a chihuahua mix breed and were in pretty bad shape, and were left with a message that read "Found on the street. Give them a good home."

Well on Wednesday, that is exactly what happened as many of those dogs were transported out of state to new forever homes.

The puppies were found in such bad condition that experts said they were probably never cared for before they were dumped. For the last several weeks the animals, which ranged in age from just newborns to seven years old, were nursed back to health and cared for through fosters with the local group Furever United Rescue.

On Wednesday, many of them were loaded into a van to be transported to places like Oregon, Washington and Idaho for their adoptions.

Some of the fosters who helped rehabilitate the animals told 3News about their transformation over the last few weeks.

"All of them were extremely scared. We had a few that were snapping. None of them were social. Urine burns on their bodies. Every single one of them. With their fosters they become very attached. I don't know if they ever had the love they needed," said Connie Bowen of Furever United Rescue. "Now that they do they are just little sponges. They are going to be great."

The pups were part of a larger group of dogs and even a cat that are making the trip. The rescuers said they find homes for them out of state because there is a big need for dogs in those areas, whereas our area experiences shelters that are overloaded with pets in need of good homes. Fosters are always in high demand.

Authorities said the person or persons who dumped the dogs could never be positively identified.

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