TAFT, Texas — A wounded dog in Taft, Texas, is on the road to recovery after having both of his front legs amputated.

The five-month-old pup is named Jackson, and you would never know by his personality that he has had a pretty rough start in life.

Jackson was found by Kayla Denney in the backyard of a home outside of Taft. When Denney first saw Jackson, she said one of his legs was poorly bandaged and the other practically shredded. She was told Jackson had been attacked by other dogs.

"Unfortunately stray dogs do exist and if your yard isn't fenced, just like Jackson's wasn't, that's how he was attacked," Denney said.

Since Jackson's wounds had gone untreated, his legs were badly infected. Denney said amputation was the only option for him to live.

With the help of donors and a rural animal shelter advocate called Throw a Dog a Bone, Jackson's surgery was paid for. Now, two weeks later, he's recovering and in great spirits. His strength inspired Gunner Wheels to donate a wheelchair to him that otherwise would have cost $1,500.

Denney said once Jackson is fully recovered, he will be a perfect addition to a caring home.

"He only knew four legs for four months," Denney said. "Now he's only going to know two legs for the rest of his life, but he has so much to offer a family."

Jackson still has a long way to go. Denney said he won't be up for adoption for several months.

If you would like to donate to Jackson or learn more about his road to recovery, visit throwadogabone.org.