In Taft, some families who live at a low-income housing complex received word they have to leave.

The complex is called the Rincon Point Apartments and management cites safety issues as the reason in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Management said water leaked into some of the units and now mold is taking over. It's yet another case of families scrambling to find somewhere to live.

It's a double whammy for 30 families who already went through Hurricane Harvey and are now having to find a new place to live, with only days to do so.

"I got a knock at the door stating we need to be out in 72 hours, " said resident Elli Morin. Morin has called the apartment complex home for the last 10 years. "Where are we going to go? Everybody is lost here."

On-site property manager Katy Goben had the difficult task of notifying residents about the decision.

Goben said, "I'm stressed. Worried at the same time. I have 30 families I have to deliver these evictions to. At the same time, I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing for my family. This is not only my residence but our jobs."

The property is run by a nonprofit called Foundation of Hope.

3 News spoke with representative Ruben Garza by phone who said the funds to make repairs are simply not available right now.
Garza said, "with everything we had to try to work out something or figure something out, we had no choice at this point we have to protect the residents of the facility."

As soon as Taft city manager Denise Hitt heard about the situation, she got on the phone and started making calls to try and help folks who are being forced out.

Hitt said, " I immediately contacted our emergency management with the county, also FEMA and talked with the Red Cross. We are looking to try and find some housing, but it's rather difficult right now."

The city manager said she has also reached out to Congressman Blake Farenthold's office as well as State Representative J.M. Lozano.

She said FEMA is planning to go to the housing complex on Tuesday to try and offer assistance.