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Rockport Recovery Continues with Cove Harbor Development

The recently opened Coach Resort at Cove Harbor is akin to an upscale RV site.

ROCKPORT, Texas — It is hard to add to your reputation as a travel destination during a pandemic, but in Rockport, the effort is certainly there.

As one of the communities hardest hit during Hurricane Harvey in 2017, Rockport and the surrounding area have had the most work to do when it comes to recovery.

New development at Cove Harbor should help.

The recently opened Coach Resort at Cove Harbor is akin to an upscale RV site.

“It's got a full clubhouse with fitness and social areas, a swimming pool and laundromat,” says owner and developer, Haythem Dawlett. “If you're that person who wants to get away for a week and you don't want to be around a crowd of other RV users, it's definitely the place.”

Many will remember the severe damage done to Dawlett’s Cove Harbor Marina and Drystack during Hurricane Harvey. It has since been rebuilt.

Dawlett also owns the Cove Harbor Event Center and says the 300-person venue is great for weddings, monthly meetings or just about any other activity. 

“For hosting things like a fishing tournament, it’s one of a kind.”

For some, there are other highlights to the recovery in this part of the Coastal Bend.

Kendall and Jenny Johnson are Rockport residents who left the area for a job-related move to Houston. According to Kendall, “Rockport kept calling us back on the weekends and the more time we spent here, the harder it was to leave and go back to the big city, so we eventually just made the decision to stay here full time.”

After 15 years away, they recently decided to come back and raise their family here. For Kendall, waiting until retirement seemed like a waste.

He tells us, “People ask me a lot of times if we have retired, and I say, ‘No, we're still working. I still work every day and the remote work has enabled a lot of that. I think as more people get to live where they want to live, it opens up some opportunities that probably weren't there a couple of years ago.”

Opportunities, like opening a small business, something the Johnson’s have done with Lucky Sun Vacation Rentals.

Jenny Johnson says it has been gratifying to see the commitment people have to Rockport. 

“We are also seeing a lot of the businesses doing so much better recovering from a few years back and the hurricane. They're doing really well, and people are really excited about coming back and seeing that, and I'm seeing a lot of people starting their own small businesses.”

All of this, another chapter in the Rockport recovery story.

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