ROCKPORT, Texas — The summer tourism season is not that far away in the Coastal Bend, and business who depend on tourism in Rockport and Fulton are back in business and ready for tourist to visit.

According to the Rockport Chamber of Commerce, they have already started to see an uptick in tourism.

"We opened 93 percent of the businesses that were pre-Harvey, so yeah we're open for tourism right now," said Robert Mitchell, Bay Blazer president.

The Rockport Chamber of Commerce hosted a luncheon to get businesses excited and informed to take on their most significant season of the year.

Guest speaker Dan Decker said he has seen all the best tourist spots in the state and Rockport has something unique to offer.

"It's not as crowded as some of the other beaches communities which is great. I know they would like to have large crowds, but sometimes it's nice to have strange and quiet places to go and enjoy and be with your family," Decker said. 

Davis Phillips volunteers with the Texas Travel Industry Association and goes around the state spreading the word about Rockport's recovery to raise tourism in the Coastal Bend.

"People are excited, and they are asking questions because they don't know. So they need to hear what is happening and that's part of our job to get that out and let them know, and say 'Look, their open and ready for the summer and come have some fun at the beach," Phillips said.

According to Mitchell, he has met many people who are starting to prioritize Rockport as a vacation spot.

"And a lot of people are saying, 'Yeah, we normally would have vacationed in Florida, but this year we decided to come to Rockport and see what we can do," Mitchell said. 

Mitchell expects tourism to boom even more once big projects such as the Fulton Civic Center and the cities major fishing pier are fully rebuilt.