ROCKPORT, Texas — Residents of Rockport celebrated the reopening of the Fairfield Inn and Suites Hotel.

Originally Fairfield Inn and Suites Hotel opened nine months before Hurricane Harvey hit but once the storm swept through it took the hotel with it.

The newly built structure has since been revamped with amenities such as a bar, patio, and cabanas by the pool.

Fairfield Inn and Suites Hotel has 87 spacious rooms ready to host guests.

According to general manager Ian Huges, with the addition of more lodging, it will help keep tourists in town.

"So they can stay here. They can go out to restaurants here. They don't have to go to other cities or other towns. That way they are more focused and everything kind of stays in Rockport," Hughes said. 

The Fairfield Inn and Suites is one of the few significant hotels that have reopened after Hurricane Harvey in Rockport.