Animal shelters in rural South Texas are desperately trying to find homes for dogs and cats before Thanksgiving -- otherwise, they'll have to be put down.

"It gets very scary around this time because we're not sure if we can save them all," rescue coordinator Lisa Bockholt said.

The four animal shelters in rural South Texas towns are hitting capacity each week, and while families gear up to celebrate the holidays, the shelters are forced to prepare to say a final goodbye to those that cannot be adopted.

Shelters in rural areas like Kingsville do not have enough kennel space, so when more dogs and cats come in before the holidays and people cannot adopt, they end up being put down.

Bockholt said the holidays become a big problem for adoption and rescue.

"There just are not a sufficient number of people willing to foster animals, particularly through the holiday season, and people aren't wanting to commit to adoption for the same reason," Bockholt said.

Volunteers at the Kingsville shelter said they get at least three or four strays a day, and they just cannot keep up.

"They have usually 22 or fewer kennels, so they fill very quickly," Bockholt said.

Volunteer rescue groups are hoping that if people can't adopt, they can think about fostering an animal through the holidays to prevent them from being put to sleep.

To get in contact with these shelters or to find more information on adopting or fostering a pet, call rescue coordinator Lisa Bockholt at 410-608-2195.

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