CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — There could be some relief in the works to alleviate the traffic from Interstate 37 and FM 624 interchange in Calallen. 

"The traffic at this exit is bad. You have to sit there and wait and wait. Nobody is going to let you in.  That is the way it is," driver Candelario Serrano said.

According to Serrano, the traffic has just been getting worse and worse as the Calallen area continues to boom with the addition of new subdivisions and even a new school.

A series of fender benders and those growing pains are just a pain for Serrano. 

County Commissioner Carolyn Vaughn not only represents the area but also lives out in Calallen.

Vaughn shares many of the resident's concerns and frustrations.

"I live out there, I travel it every day have to go down a county road to avoid the traffic. I will tell you we are working on it," Vaughn said. 

TxDOT says a $6.2 million safety project is in the works which would widen the approach from I-37 to the FM 624 exit.

By the end of 2019, TxDOT expects to go out for a bid on the project. Construction would not start until Spring 2020.

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