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Woman accused of killing motorcyclist while driving drunk in court Friday

Sarah Hoss, 30, is accused of driving while intoxicated when she hit a motorcyclist head-on when driving the wrong way down the SPID feeder road in Flour Bluff.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Sarah Hoss, who is charged with intoxication manslaughter after allegedly driving the wrong way down the SPID feeder road near Waldron and killing 54-year-old Eutimio "Tim" Barrera, appeared in court Friday morning on a bond condition hearing. 

Hoss asked a judge to change her bond conditions to allow her to work different hours at her job. 

The judge agreed.

The incident began when officers with the Corpus Christi Police Department responded to calls of a head-on crash in the east bound lanes of the SPID feeder road in Flour Bluff, near Waldron, on Sunday, Oct. 9 around 10:30 p.m.  

The police report said Hoss was driving the wrong way down the feeder road toward Waldron when she went through the Waldron intersection and hit the motorcyclist, who was stopped at the red light. 

The report noted that no skid marks were seen at the scene, suggesting Hoss did not try to brake before the accident. She kept driving and ended up stopping about 860 feet from the accident, the report said. 

Barrera was rushed to the hospital but later died from his injuries, police said.

Barrera was from Amarillo but was living in Corpus Christi. He was the lead singer of a band in the Houston area called After Party Roxx, his band members confirmed to 3NEWS.

Hoss was released on bond shortly after the crash. Judge Missy Medary on Oct. 26 tightened bond conditions for Hoss. Medary told Hoss she would not be allowed to consume alcohol, drive a motor vehicle, commit new offenses, and she would need to periodically report to the court as she awaits trial. 

Hoss could face between two and 20 years in prison if convicted of the second-degree felony, and a fine up to $10,000.

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