CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Students and families at Incarnate Word Academy got an up-close look Tuesday at what can happen when you drink and drive, or text and drive.

It was all part of "Shattered Dreams", a two-day event going on at the high school. While most everyone watched the staged accident scene, others took an active part in the exercise.

Some of the students were playing the role of the injured in the crash and were taken to the hospital. Others acted as victims of the crash who died.

"It was really scary because it looked so real and felt so real because the whole city was involved," student Julianna Perez said. "Parents, the whole school."

"We all hear about crashes and drinking and driving, but to see it and see it with people you know it's different, and I think everybody should see it," student Rachel Behnke said.

On Wednesday the exercise will focus on the funeral for the student and everyone's reaction to what they have seen and heard during the event.