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Sinton ISD school bond proposal could mean significant upgrades

The upgrades could become a reality if voters there pass a new school bond proposal that the school board just passed.

SINTON, Texas — Some significant upgrades could be on the way to Sinton Independent School District, which includes a new high school.

The upgrades could become a reality if voters there pass a new school bond proposal that the school board just passed.

Students at Sinton High School may get to move into a brand new building soon if voters may sign off on two propositions totaling $111 million. 

"Construction-wise, it takes 6 to 9 months to walk bids for something like a new high school, so that would be a process, and they're looking at 18 months to 2 years for the construction," Superintendent Dr. Chad Jones said. 

The high school is the main focus of the bond because it was built in 1967, and officials say it's just worn out, and even several classrooms no longer meet TEA state standards.

"Our classroom sizes weren't up to tea recommendations life of a school building you can say 50 to 70 years, and we're over that 50-year mark," Jones said. 

The $91 million Proposition A covers the construction of a new high school that would be built right behind the old campus.  The AG building would be expanded, and safety upgrades would be made at the rest of the district campuses. 

Proposition B is around $20 million and includes the construction of new facilities for athletics and extracurricular activities.  The upgrades would be made at the high school and middle school, and among the improvements at the high school are a new fieldhouse, weight room, and practice field.

"Change is a wonderful thing, and it's especially wonderful when a community facilitates the changes so when the community gets together, and they make decisions for the community and the children it's wonderful it's exciting," Principal Albert Byrom said. 

The district formed a committee of 40 people to look at the improvements needed at the schools. They were given access to the district's financial situation and also toured the high school. 

According to Jones, he will now be going around and letting voters everywhere know the details of the bond and what it will mean to them and the children who go to school.  

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