CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Moody High School students are anticipating a big day with the Special Hearts Prom.

"It gives them more of the reality of hey we have our prom, and this is our time," assistant principal Cynthia Reyna said.

Prom season is just around the corner in the Coastal Bend, but for Moody High School students it's only days away.

"Just to see their smiles that they're apart of something that any other normal student would have," Reyna said.

For sixteen years - the Special Hearts Prom has given students faced with learning disabilities a chance to be a part of a high school tradition. 

"So many people want to be part of this, so it is a community event," Reyna said.

21 students received haircuts courtesy of the Chop Shop. Barbers gave students individual cuts for their prom. 

"We've actually had the chance to come back and celebrate with them, and it's a blast watching them dance and have fun," barber Freddy Naranjo said.  "You see their day brighten up that we're coming over here just for them."

Moody senior Thaddeus Olivares favorite part of prom is a chance to feel included. 

"Getting my haircut before it, getting dressed looking fancy, looking important," Olivares said. 

Olivares hopes to cap off his senior year by winning prom king.

"Just looking forward to it all four years that I've been here. It's been fun. I'm not ready to leave," Olivares said. 

Olivares may not be ready to say goodbye, but he's thankful for the memories he's made and the people who've made it possible. 

"It means a lot of happiness, lots of joy, lots of good things," Olivares said.