Corpus Christi is home to a beautiful downtown courthouse, but it has only been in use since the late 70s. Before that, there was another courthouse that is rich in history, but not much else.

It's right in the heart of downtown Corpus Christi -- the 1914 Nueces County Courthouse.

County Commissioner Mike Pusley gave 3News a rare look inside the building.

Coon Restoration, a company based out of Ohio, is stepping in to give the courthouse a facelift. The project manager, Jim McCue, spoke with 3News on the phone about his plans for the old courthouse. He said the company has a long history of keeping old buildings from the wrecking ball.

It is not the first time a group has tried to fix up the historic landmark. The Historical Commission tried to update the 80,000 square foot building but ran out of money before finishing.

In the end, it will cost about $40 million to restore, and that is something McCue says he is ready for.