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Stash house bust uncovers almost $1M worth of illegal drugs, weapons, armor-piercing bullets in Portland

"Largest seizure in the eight years I've been here. If you bring this trash into our community, I assure you we will chase you down and you will be arrested."

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Portland police busted a major stash house hidden in a quiet suburban neighborhood. 

The bust took place on the 1700 block of Denver.

Police worked into the night Monday pulling out an assortment of weapons, bags of ammunition and drugs that totaled almost a million dollars worth.

Portland police called it a significant bust, all of it the result of what started as a traffic stop on Highway 181 in Portland, which led officers to the house.

It is not known if the drugs were intended to be distributed within the community or sent somewhere else.

Portland Police Chief Mark Cory told 3NEWS that the city rarely sees crimes of this magnitude.

"In terms of organized crime there is very little here in Portland," he said.

Cory walked 3NEWS through the significance of the drugs and guns that were discovered. Cory said that some of the ammo recovered had the potential to go right through a bulletproof vest. 

"There was an AK type, you have an FN, this riffle was loaded and shoots with armor piercing rounds," he said.

400 grams of mushrooms, 2,000 grams of THC, along with 378 pounds of marijuana were also found during the bust. The items translate to a value of around $757,000.

26-year-old Justin Hysquierdo was arrested. Hysquierdo has been on the department's radar -- with an outstanding warrant for his arrest for unauthorized carrying of a weapon. 

Cory believes more arrests are on the way.

"Largest seizure in the eight years I've been here, and the one point I would like to stress, if you bring this trash into our community, I assure you we will chase you down and you will be arrested," he said.

San Patricio County District Attorney Sam Smith said the suspect could be facing multiple felonies.

"When you combine these guns along with the business of selling dope, then you got a serious problem and that will be considered when this case goes to court, and the charges," he said.

Cory told 3NEWS that he credits the teamwork of his officers to take the drugs off the streets. At this point, we're being told that the suspect is not being cooperative with authorities.

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