Many of our politicians on the state and county level had plenty to say Wednesday about their own safety at public events, along with their concerns about the shooting in Alexandria, Va.

State Rep. Todd Hunter can hardly go anywhere in public without someone coming up to meet him. He stopped off at the Coffee Waves in Flour Bluff for one of six public events he was attending Wednesday. He even posts on social media where he is so that people can find him and talk about politics and issues they are concerned with.

"Do I need to be cautious? You always need to be cautious, but that doesn't matter if you're a public official or not. That's just in general," Hunter said. "Have we had incidents through my time? Absolutely you do."

3News asked Hunter if he was going to change his very public way of meeting with voters face-to-face in light of the shooting in Virginia that targeted Republican lawmakers.

"The worst thing we could do is stop because of an event. I don't think anybody would want us to stop. They want us to go forth. What better way to talk and see people," Hunter said. "We are in a tense time, but you know, going out and visiting with people I think lessens the tension."

Hunter also stopped by for a picture or two at Funtrackers Wednesday for a Flour Bluff Business Association. Guests there said they are hoping the country will come together.

"I think the entire thing is just absolutely tragic," Jennifer Welp said. "I'm hopeful that our country will remain united and these folks who are elected will remain steadfast."

"This hatred and party division has been going on way too long, and there's so much hatred. And locally even. You see some of it locally. It's a dangerous situation," Eddie Savoy said. "So how we going to correct it? I can't tell you that, but something needs to be done. We're going to have to soften our hearts or something, because there's too much hatred out there right now."

Rep. Hunter agrees and maintains that by remaining open and available to voters he is helping to set the tone for healthy debate.