Corpus Christi (KIII News) — The City of Corpus Christi is preparing for this weekend's expected rain, which could be heavy.

It was just a few months ago when a heavy rain caused streets to flood downtown and in low lying areas.

Those who live in flood-prone areas know that even a brief heavy rain can sweep through their neighborhoods with deep water. Vicky Franco, a longtime Coastal Bend resident,

"Oh my gosh, and our cars, they're kind of low. Have to drive around everything. You know the area," said Vicky Franco, a longtime Coastal Bend resident. "Because if you get stranded in that high water down the street, you're stuck and your car is messed up."

Franco and her family are used to high water during a heavy rain. She said she knows the City is working hard to keep the storm drains clear but a heavy rain seems to overwhelm her neighborhood off Greenwood.

"You have to learn your surroundings in a very short time because it gets flooded fast when it rains hard," Franco said.

Storm drain cleaning crews come through the city two or three times a year, but when a weather event or a rain event is coming our way, they go out and patrol to see if there are any problems they can fix.

Scott Monse of the City's Storm Water Ddepartment said the City's drains are designed to handle only average rain.

"It's designed for two-four inches an hour, and if we have a large rain in a short period of time due to all the surface area, parking lots, the major streets, the paved areas, they flow a lot of water into the system almost as fast as it's hitting the ground," Monse said.

During a storm in March, rain was falling at five to six inches an hour for a short time, but that resulted in streets flooding citywide. The other problem is open ditches and debris from Hurricane Harvey.

"It's not only the City. It's also the citizens here," Franco said. "We need to do our part also."

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