KINGSVILLE, Texas — Student veterans at Texas A&M Univesity- Kingsville arranged a unique 22 push-up challenge Wednesday aimed at raising awareness for veteran's who commit suicide. 

"Just to signify the 22 veterans that commit suicide a day," said Shae Diehl, Vice President of Students Veterans Association. 

"Most often veterans feel like they need to suffer in silence. They're not given the care they need," said Cristopher Diehl, active duty service member. 

"To show a symbol of unity that we are all here for each other," Shae Diehl said.

It wasn't only veterans who showed up to Javelina Stadium, but more than 250 members of the student body and the community.

"It's absolutely mind-blowing. It's amazing how much support we've had. It's an overwhelming sense of gratitude and just pure amazement and how well this has turned out today," Diehl said.

Some students had the first-hand experience of losing a loved one to suicide, and others just wanted to honor the sacrifice that service members make every day by putting their lives on the line for their country.

"They truly feel like no one is there for them," student Francisco Rios said. 

"My stepdad served 22 years in the united states air force he fought in the gulf war, and I'm here to represent him and all my family," student Travis Arroyo said. 

"And we are here to raise awareness to prove that we are there for them we as a community is here for our vets," Rios said.