SAN ANTONIO - An Affidavit shows that the man accused of abducting a 3-year-old boy from the city's west side told police that the child and vehicle were his.

The child's mother said her son and vehicle were taken by 31-year-old Victor Miguel Torres Wednesday evening.

The child was sleeping in the back seat of his mom's 1998 green Mustang convertible as she ran into a cell phone store in the 1500 block of South Brazos Street. Torres allegedly carjacked the vehicle with the child in the back seat and headed out of the city.

An Amber Alert was issued shortly after 7:30 p.m. Monday night.

The Affidavit shows the suspect spoke with a friend over the phone while driving the child toward Houston and told her that the kid was his as well as the vehicle.

The woman reportedly responded saying that's not your child and asked him to give the child over to authorities. She also immediately told police about her phone conversation with the suspect.

Fayette County Deputies said they found the alleged kidnapper and robber at a picnic area near La Grange.

Victor Torres

“He had told me he was the dad,” Fayette County Patrolman Terry Guentert said. “And, he had just got out of prison and wanted to spend time with his son.”

Anai Gonzalez, the child’s mother, told authorities she doesn’t know Torres.

The child was taken to the hospital to be checked on. Guentert said the boy was fine. He was reunited with his mother late Monday night.

She was tearful and overjoyed.

“I’m glad he’s okay. He’s safe,” His mother said.

She was thankful for law enforcement for their help. Gonzalez also expressed gratitude to Torres’ girlfriend who reportedly gave the authorities the tip they needed.

“I have no idea where he was heading,” Guentert said. “He made the comment he had run out of gas. He did have a gas can in the backseat of the car. Said he was going to put gas in and head back to San Antone.”

Torres will be transferred back to San Antonio where he will face additional charges.