The Texas Department of State Health Services first granted a license to the HALO-Flight EMS Training Academy in October 2011, and the Academy has continued to provide professional training for aspiring emergency medical students since that time. HALO-Flight, Inc. is a Helicopter Air Ambulance service extending service over 28,000 square miles in South Texas with a population of over one and a half million people.

HALO-Flight’s EMS Training Academy holds high standards for and commitment to rural providers through the education for the EMS professionals in the service area. This service area is one of limited economic base, primarily farming and oil/refinery industry. As such, it is generally economically depressed. With low tax bases and continuing limited financial support for local EMS providers, it becomes even more important to provide training and continuing education in the immediate community, and at the lowest possible cost. The location of the Academy, as well as its mission to provide a low cost, schedule-flexible training facility, facilitates this mandate.

Additionally, there are a number of rural EMS providers in the area, with limited personnel resources. The location of the Academy facilitates training for new EMS personnel as well as skills refreshers. These providers would find it extremely difficult to maintain an EMS system in their communities if they had to travel great distances and pay the high costs of college-based initial training and Continued Education. The initial training is arranged in modules and scheduled to facility "drop in" students who require specific curriculum content for recertification or remedial.

HALO-Flight's EMS Training Academy provides initial EMR, EMT, and Advanced EMT courses. The Academy offers quality education to those who seek an affordable and professional, community-based continuation of their EMS education. We are as committed to our students as they are in to achieving their goals. We want to put into the field the best EMS Professional possible, and strive to do just that thru a well-rounded cadre of instructors.

The greatest strengths of the Academy program are small classes, thus providing more individualized attention. In addition, faculty and staff are dedicated to providing the best possible educational experience for the students.

Goals and objectives for the Academy are dynamic and change to meet the accelerating needs of the EMS community. HALO-Flight EMS Training Academy currently offers EMR, EMT and Advanced EMT levels of TDSHS EMS certification training, continuing education, and EMS Skills proficiency testing. We also provide many specialized courses such as 12-Lead ECG; Advanced Airway; IV therapy; AHA BLS (CPR); ASHI First Aid. Click here to learn more.