CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — In only four months, a third location has opened up at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi to allow mothers to breastfeed or pump.

"It's a very, very consuming part of travel for someone who is lactating," said Dr. Beth Robinson, Assistant Professor of History.

Robinson is also the mother of a one-year-old and said that finding a place to pump and breastfeed is all-day stress for moms in her shoes.

"Having a space like this shows a lot of support from the College and the University for working parents of the Coastal Bend," Robinson said.

"It's really important that lactating mothers have a private, clean space where they are confident they're not going to be interrupted," said Associate Professor Dr. Lisa Comparini.

According to Robinson, the upkeep of the new lactating room is just as important as the room itself.

"It's not only creating a room but maintaining it," Robinson said.

Many mothers want to breastfeed their new child and do but struggle once they're back from their maternity leave.

"A very, very sharp decline by about six months, because that's when people are returning to work," Robinson said.

With the new rooms, mothers don't have to worry anymore.

"Lactating parents can continue to breastfeed and to pump, not just for the first few months but for much longer than that," Robinson said.

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