The Texas Commission for Environmental Equality held a public forum Tuesday about air quality being a concern for San Patricio resident.

Majority of the residents that came out to the meeting were concerned about how emissions from oil and gas giants will affect their health and environment in the long run.

TCEQ started the meeting by letting residents know how they do business, how they process permits, and how the public can make the agency know if they have an environmental concern.

The most significant question from attendees was how does TCEQ monitor and regulate air quality in the area.

TCEQ said there are active air quality monitors across the state, one of the leading factors the contributes to where they are placed is population.

Residents were upset about that there is only one active air quality monitor in the county, in Ingleside, and for such an area that is booming in the industry right now why aren't there more. Residents questioned how the TCEQ could keep up with emissions from every industrial plant if there isn't one placed at every single location.

"If we have a large growth in emissions in one area, we feel like its warranted to put a monitor there," director David Brymer said. 'That's something we can consider at the same time we may have to think about re-distributing those monitors across the state because there is a limited amount of those available."

According to TCEQ officials, the state does not have the resources to place one at every location, but if a complaint has filed an investigator can bring a handheld monitor to check.