A 15-year-old Ingleside girl living with cystic fibrosis got a special surprise Wednesday when her mom took her and her siblings to the Corpus Christi International Airport. There, she received the newest member of their family -- a Pomeranian puppy named Mila.

The 10-week old puppy is quickly becoming 15-year-old Dokota's best friend. The pup would make anyone happy, but it is even more special for Dakota and her family.

Dakota was born with cystic fibrosis, a life-threatening disease that attacks the lungs and digestive system. When they discovered that Dakota was a Make-A-Wish kid, PuppySpot, a puppy order website, covered the cost of the breeder, the puppy's first round of shots, and travel. They saved the family close to $3,500.

But they say the real gift is what the dog is doing for Dakota.

"To be honest, I almost cried because she was sitting in my lap and it was very, very emotional," Dakota said.

Every day, Dakota has to strap on a special breathing vest to break up the liquid in her chest.

"She had to do her breathing treatment with her vest earlier today and Mila just sat in her lap the whole time, and I was wondering how she would feel about the shaking because the vest shakes, and she did really great," Dakota's mother said.

"Like when friends come over, they're like, okay, or you know, siblings never sit with me, so I just sit on my Xbox or whatever; but to have someone there is just really comforting," Dakota said.

Now the sophomore will always have someone by her side.