CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Texas Game Wardens in the Coastal Bend have added a new boat to their fleet. The vessel was funded by the "Gear Up for Game Wardens" program.

Being a game warden requires being able to navigate through a variety of terrains. They say when it comes to shallow waters, it has has been difficult. Not only is it hard to reach paddlers and fishermen in distress, but also travel the waterways without disrupting the environment.

Ellis Powell is the Major Game Warden for Region 8. He said their new boat was made to combat those obstacles.

"Some other platforms aren't real stable in that type of choppy water, but this one can traverse choppy water and get in the shallow waters, so it has a little bit of both," Powell said.

The boat was funded by the "Gear Up for Game Wardens" program, which is a partnership between Flatsworthy, a boating nonprofit, and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation.

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