An independent organization that analyzes public policy in Texas released Tuesday a study on the overall wellbeing of children nationwide compared to in Texas.

The study shows Texas children aren't doing so well.

Out of the 50 states, Texas was ranked 41st when it comes to the wellbeing and welfare of children; but while that actually is an improvement from last year, one area seemed to do worse -- education.

"The numbers aren't good, and I just feel children need structure and stability," Brenda Barraza said.

Barraza has five kids ages 5-23 years old and is familiar with the Texas school system. One area highlighted in the report says young children not in school is now up to 53-percent, and Barraza said that comes down to how well parents monitor their kids.

"Nowadays you can go online and check their grades. You can check attendance," Barraza said.

However, because attendance is a problem, the Corpus Christi Independent School District does have a program in place to combat the issue called Operation KEYS, or Keep Every Youth In School.

The other area Texas scored poorly in was eighth graders not proficient in math, which is now at 68-percent statewide.

The good news for Corpus Christi is that area used to be a problem among local students, but officials said we are now above the State average in eighth-grade test scores.

Even though Texas' rank is poor, it actually is an improvement from last year when we were only ranked 43rd. While education did see some worsening numbers, the State did improve in other key areas, like less teen births.