CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — You may have noticed something new by the Selena statue off Shoreline Boulevard.

 A historical marker went up to commemorate farm workers who went on strike in June of 1966. 

This morning the Nueces County Historical Commission and other local officials gathered at the new marker Saturday, October 12.

 It was built to honor the 700 melon farm workers who went on strike because of wages and working conditions. The farm workers rallied to protest working beneath the minimum wage and working in harsh conditions.

The Texas farmworkers marched from Rio Grande City to Austin pressing for a minimum wage of $1.25. 

The protestors stopped at the Peoples Street T-head on July 30, 1966 to hold a demonstration in which over 800 supporters attended. The farm workers were able to raise $1,000 and gain many new advocates.

"We need to kind of remember them as well too, to better understand our history as a whole, to understand how, where we came from, and where we're at today", stated Dr. Klein. 

Dr. Klein also said this marker has been in the works for over three years. 

The march also sparked a political revolution that established the Chicano Civil Rights Movements in Texas. 

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