CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — With phase one almost underway in reopening the state, Texas Licensed Child Care Association says with more services being offered, there's a higher demand for things like daycare. 

"The problem is that there's a mismatch between opening up the economy and allowing businesses to open up at 25% capacity without any place for their children to be kept while they go back to work," Joan Altobelli, TLCCA board member said. 

TLCCA is calling on politicians during this pandemic to allow services to all children, not just those of essential workers.

"When things open up, where are their kiddos gonna go?" Altobelli said. 

Board members say their hands are tied, and by law, child care facilities have to turn down parents with non-essential jobs. They say during this pandemic is when they're needed the most, and that is the hardest part. It seems it will only get worse if parents have no where to drop off their kids on the way to work. 

"One of the most important things that we have to have as parents is a safe, loving, caring place for what's more important to us and that's our children," TLCCA board member, Traci Mackintosh said. 

TLCCA says they have enough space to maintain social distancing with no more than 10 people to a room. They just need the 'okay' from lawmakers.

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