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Reports: People seeking asylum are being dropped off at bus stations in South Texas

Under the Biden administration, asylum-seekers aren't sent back to their country to wait on their hearing. Instead, they are allowed to cross the border.

There have been a lot of changes along the border as the Biden administration looks to completely dismantle the procedures and policies that were in place under the Trump administration. 

President Biden has reversed many of the immigration policies that were in place before he was elected. One of the biggest changes is that now asylum seekers aren't sent back to their country to wait on their hearing. Instead, they are allowed to cross the border and head anywhere they want to go as long as they promise to show up for their asylum hearing.

"I have heard reports of Border Patrol basically transporting immigrants from the border somewhere between Laredo and McAllen and send them all the way to Kingsville and dropping them off," Laura Pena, Border Immigration Attorney said. 

Pena specializes in immigration cases and at one time was an attorney for immigration and customs enforcement. She and others have heard about the immigrants being dropped off at bus stations. 

Kingsville Police Chief Rick Torres is one of a number of local law enforcement officials who said they have been contacted by the Border Patrol to see what resources and help they might be able to find for immigrants.

"There's a lot of interaction between us," Torres said. "They just came by and met with me regarding that issue which could potentially be huge."

State Senator Chuy Hinojosa said he's heard about immigrants being dropped off at bus stations in Corpus Christi. He also questions the plan of action to handle the influx of thousands of people.

"It's a huge problem for us," Hinojosa said. "We need to go back and find ways to manage to control the number of immigrants coming across the border. We're not prepared to handle thousands and thousands and thousands that'll be coming over almost on a monthly basis."

Congressman's Filemon Vela believes that the new immigration plan is a work in progress.

"I know that secretary Mayorkas and people at the Department of Homeland Security are strategizing on creative ways to handle the processing at the border, but I think they just need time to flush it all out," Vela said.

We contacted Border Patrol officials for comment on the question of immigrants being dropped off in Kingsville and other bus stations in our area.

This is part of a statement sent to us by the Border Patrol:

"As it always has, the number of individuals crossing the border continues to fluctuate and we continue to adapt accordingly. For those migrants who are released, CBP may work with non-government organizations who will assist them through the out-of-custody process."

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