CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The City of Corpus Christi said most residents heeded a call to avoid losing their trash cans and recycling bins during the severe thunderstorms overnight.

Officials said there was plenty of high water in flood-prone parts of the city, but luckily the waters receded quickly.

Most pre-positioned high-profile vehicles were called into service for high water rescues, but no injuries were reported in any of the flooding.

All city departments reported no major problems from the overnight weather, especially blown over trash and recycling bins. Besides keeping the trash and recyclables from clogging storm drains, it's also a pollution concern.

Now, the City is watching river and creek levels.

"We're very mindful in regards to the Wesley Seale Dam and the Lake Corpus Christi reservoir," City Spokesperson Kim Womack said. "The lake sits at 100-percent capacity so at this point we're watching the river guages. Fortunately we didn't get a lot of rain up there last night, but the three river guages are telling us there is water flowing into Lake Corpus Christi."

While the flood gates are not open at the dam, the City is prepared to open at least one if necessary.

Womack said it's not just the lakes that they are keeping an eye on but places where flooding is continually a problem, like the Oso Creek at Weber and Stapes, La Volla Creek and the Nueces River.

The City will increase police patrols in the problem areas overnight and will alert residents if rising water becomes a serious threat.