Corpus Christi's Solid Waste Management is speeding up their brush pick up by hiring outside contractors. They hope to get debris that could float away and block storm drains if we have a storm.

With the possibility of summer storms, Assistant Director of Support Services Paul Bass said they are working around the clock to get debris to the landfill.

"That helps eliminate the amount of debris that's subject to blocking a storm drain or anything like that if it gets washed away," Bass said. "We want to be prepared."

With the help of additional haulers, Solid Waste Management is lessening the chance of streets flooding during a storm.

How can you help? If there is the possibility of a storm, wait to place debris out. Also, separate brush from bulk. That makes pick up go faster. Make sure you put waste in the right place and last, set out brush and bulky items according to the schedule for pickup, making sure it's not left out for more than a week at a time.

There are, however, some bulky items that you need to check with before putting them out there, like construction material and wood. You will have to dispose of those items on your own.

Solid Waste Services asks that residents do not put hazardous waste out, and to put brush and bulk away from gas or water meters, mailboxes and utility lines because the claw they use to grab the debris can cause some serious damage.