A jury has been seated in the capital murder trial of a Beeville man, the first of three suspects set to go to trial in the deaths of three individuals.

The wait has been difficult for Paul Gonzalez because his mother, Rosalinda Posada, was one of the three people killed.

"There's days where just I still dont believe it," Gonzalez said.

He remembers that day, Sept. 22, 2015, just like it was yesterday.

"They called me and they told me that my mom had been shot, and then I was," Gonzalez said. "I freaked out."

On Monday, a year and a half later, 38-year-old Presiliano Martinez faced a jury of his peers.

"I just want justice, not just for her but for the other two victims as well," said Norma Posada, the sister of a victim. "It's affecting six families here. Not just us. It's affecting the other families as well, and we pray just for every single one of them, and just want justice."

Rosalinda Posada, Marc Fuentes and Barry Garcia were all shot and killed. Three people -- Martinez, 24-year-old Feliz Lee Perez and 32-year-old Jesse Munoz -- all were charged with capital murder.

30-year-old Latoya Amador was charged with tampering with evidence.

Prosecutor James Sales said this case has shocked this South Texas community.

"I've been here seven, eight years now and this is the first capital murder we've taken to trial. The violence is really getting worse in this town. People really need to pay attention," Sales said. "Don't forget the size of our town. Just because it's small, don't assume bad things don't happen. It happens."

If found guilty, Martinez could get up to life in prison without parole.