ROBSTOWN, Texas — A sizeable amount of synthetic marijuana was seized by Robstown police overnight during a raid involving two different homes.

The homes were located in the 900 block of Indiana and in the 4300 block of Cessna. Two men were arrested and, along with the drugs, a large amount of cash was seized.

"The chemicals that are being used to manufacture are very hazardous, not only to the environment but to the person's themselves," Robstown Police Department Officer Max Mesa said.

That's why Robstown police and the district attorney's office said the synthetic marijuana operation needed to be shut down quickly.

The two suspects that were arrested, 26-year-olds Roland Salas and Damian Chapa, now face drug and conspiracy charges.

"It's always an ongoing thing, and it's not only in our community," Officer Jimmie Zamora said. "It's in communities all across the country and we just have to take what we can and investigate these situations and just, you know, apprehend subjects that are putting these dangerous drugs on the streets."

Robstown police said more arrests could come as a result of the raid.