Most of us don't worry about being submerged in water, we don't worry about showering or swimming, but for two young boys, they've worried about water, for most of their lives.

Today that restriction ends, Alejandro Gomez and Sebastian Cardenas dove into the water at Hurricane Alley.

"We've been waiting for this day for almost six years," says Sebastian's father, Mario Cardenas.

Sebastian hasn't been in a swimming pool in his entire life; he's eight years old.

"There's times when we take so many things for granted and until you go thru a situation like that you learn to look at life at a whole other perspective," Azeneth Gomez adds.

Alejandro hasn't been submerged into water for two years; the time it's taken to get a kidney transplant and recover.

Both boy have a lot in common, one of them being kidney failure. Today Driscoll Children's Hospital along with the sponsorship of the Joe DeBellas family, hosted a Celebration of Life at Hurricane Alley. Driscoll puts on these parties to celebrate milestones in patient's road to recovery.

With tears in his eyes, Mario Cardenas says he's been waiting for this day as long as his son has.

"It's gonna be his first time alive for him to get- being able to get in the water."

Eventually, Alejandro runs into the water, jumping right onto a tube, headed for the lazy river.

"It means the world to him, and he loves water. I feel thankful for having a hospital like that," Ms. Gomez says.

"I'm nervous I want to jump in and go under water and swim in the swimming pool," Alejandro contrinues.

Then, family and friends form two lines for the Cardenas family to run through with their son hand in hand, into the water. His reaction? Priceless.

"It's something great for us, for all the families, and friends and all the people here, we're blessed," Cardenas adds.

The boys and their parents say it's all thanks to the staff, nurses and doctors at Driscoll Children's Hospital as well as the Joe DeBellas family sponsoring the party at Hurricane Alley.

"Every single person that works at Driscoll has just become another member of our family just like that."