CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — First responders in Bluntzer experienced a scary moment when they said someone tried to rob them at gunpoint.

According to Nueces County ESD #4, there have been at least five armed car robberies in the last few months with two of them targetting volunteer firefighters.

"I'm glad it happened to me because I don't want this to happen to other people," a firefighter said. 

According to a firefighter, he hopes by telling his story the community will be on the lookout.

Recently the firefighter was on his way back from an early morning fire on FM 66 near Banquete when he saw a man who seemed to be in trouble on the side of the road. 

"He jumps in front of the truck. And, you know, this truck is not going to stop by a dime. I, you know, lock up the brakes swerve around him and as I come to a complete stop," the firefighter said.

The man shouted for him to get out of the firetruck.

"My senses tell me not to get out of the truck. So I hit the gas and as I'm hitting the gas, you know, a gunshot goes off," the firefighter said.

The firefighter was not hurt.

"I went on the radio, you know, they shot are fired and the sheriff's department, you know, rushed over there checked everything out and couldn't find him," the firefighter said.

According to Nueces County ESD #4 Facebook post, months before just north of station #1 on FM 666 around 7 p.m. another volunteer firefighter was held up at gunpoint on the side of the road after stopping to check on his car. It was only a few days later a man had pulled over to help someone off the side of the road on FM 3088 when they were shot at a couple of times.

Fire officials said luckily no one was hurt in any of the circumstances, but area residents have been on high alert.

"It's scary because we've been here for nine years and we've never had any issues or any feelings of being insecure. So to know that things like that are happening close to me and close to our business. Has kind of brought more of an awareness of our surroundings," said Bryana Arguijo, owner of Bluntzer Fruit Stand. 

"I would encourage people to don't even stop, you know, call 9-1-1, call the non-emergency number. Tell them there's someone on the side of the road at this location if you could, you know, send PD out there check it out. You know that's the safest way to do it," the firefighter said.

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