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TxDOT closes problematic Harbor Bridge ramp to help prevent wrong-way drivers

TxDOT said the governor's office asked for more safety measures against wrong-way drivers.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A problematic exit on the Harbor Bridge will be temporarily shut down while officials look to decrease the chance of wrong-way drivers on the bridge. 

Editor's note: The above video is from a previous story on the dangerous ramps. 

The Power Street exit is now closed while improvements are made to signage and striping on the road, a statement from the city of Corpus Christi said.

"At the direction of the governor to take additional safety measures, TxDOT has temporarily closed the Power Street exit on the Harbor Bridge while we work with the Texas Department of Public Safety and the City of Corpus Christi to implement additional solutions to deter wrong-way drivers from entering the southbound lanes of the Harbor Bridge," a statement from TxDOT said.   

New pavement markings will designate the City-owned portion of Power Street as a one-way street in the westbound direction from the exit to Tancahua.

There will also be additional patrols in the area by DPS, the statement said.

Other changes coming to the area include: 

  • Twigg Street – TXDOT placed message boards near the Mesquite Street intersection to deter wrong-way drivers from entering 
  • North Upper Broadway - TXDOT placed message boards near the Winnebago Street intersection to deter wrong-way drivers from entering 
  • Padre Street – Currently under review for traffic impacts if the street is converted into a one-way street from Tancahua Street to Ramirez Street
  • Intersection of Mesquite Street and Twigg Street – Stop signs were upgraded to edge-lit LED stop signs

We told you in late November that TxDOT has put in wrong-way detection systems along North Upper Broadway and Twigg Street. The technology was also installed on the two exit ramps on the southwest side of the bridge. But, state highway officials said it will be some six months before they become operational because they are waiting on parts. 

"Well it's easy to get turned around down here and we need to do everything we can to make sure that doesn't happen. So that we don't have another accident where someone loses their life," Councilman Mike Pusley said.

Two people were killed and one was seriously injured in November when an intoxicated driver entered the Harbor Bridge going the wrong direction and slammed into two other cars. 


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