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TxDOT continues working with Flatiron Dragados to settle Harbor Bridge issues

It's good they're making progress, said one local lawmaker, but he continues to demand specifics.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — It has been nearly one month since Texas Department of Transportation officials announced they would be reviewing solutions to new Harbor Bridge Project design issues from developer Flatiron Dragados.

TxDOT officials told 3NEWS on Wednesday they continue to have productive conversations with Flatiron Dragados.

State representative Todd Hunter said that even though the two sides appear to be making progress, much more is needed -- and soon.

“Bottom line: nothing specific. Bottom line: They’re making progress,” Hunter said. “But the real issues are: How long is it going to be? What’s the projected date? What’s the projected timeline? Explain what the issue is.”

TxDOT stepped in and halted work on the main cable-stayed portion of the bridge, the part that goes over the Corpus Christi Ship Channel, on July 15, citing safety concerns which included design flaws so significant TxDOT said there was a risk of collapse if those flaws were not addressed.

One month later, TxDOT issued a “notice of default,” giving Flatiron Dragados 15 days to present a plan correcting the deficiencies.

That came on Sept. 1, when TxDOT announced Flatiron Dragados was “coming into alignment” with their demands, and that they would be moving quickly to review the developer’s proposed solutions.

Flatiron Dragados remains under a notice of default as the two sides work to figure out how to best move forward.

TxDOT said work continues on other parts of the project, so be aware that when you drive in that area, you are still driving in a construction zone.

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