Corpus Christi (KIII News) — A Flour Bluff teenager hasn't been seen or heard from for more than a decade and was reported missing.

The teenager's name is Christian Glen Hall, and authorities report Hall was last seen in the company of an older man on his yacht in the Gulf of Mexico.

Hall was 15-years-old when he went missing back in the fall of 2005.


"What we are asking the media for help on getting this information out there if there's logical information on why this has occurred we can get this child back to his mother," said Mile Walsh, Ret. assistant chief.

According to investigators, Hall was working as a deckhand on board a yacht called the Gypsy Two.


Hall left home with the boat's captain 39-year-old David Andrews who went by the nickname Dusty. The two set out into the Gulf bound for Key West, Florida.


According to Hall's relatives, Andrews claimed that Hall was his son, but relatives said this is not true and Hall did not have permission to leave on the trip.

It was about 65 miles south of the Louisiana coast when a mayday signal went out from the yacht.

A boater showed up to the rescue but ended up being waved away by Andrews.

To this day the Gypsy Two hasn't been located, and neither has Hall.

"We just want to know what happened to him if he's safe if he is where he want's to be, or we just want to know what happened, there's been no contact," relative Carla Boehm said.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children released an artist rendering of what hall could look like as an adult.


If alive, Hall would be 28 years old on Tuesday.

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