19-year-old Colton Cavazos was fatally shot in the chest with an assault rifle in the parking lot of an apartment complex back in November of 2016.

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Police on the scene had said there were several witnesses to the crime, but to this day his case remains a mystery.

"When Colton and I were together, it was almost like no one else was around," said Colton's mother, Sally Rowsey.

"He had the biggest smile. He could light up the room. He was a good kid. He was going through his struggles like every teenager," said Chris Cavazos, Colton's father. "He found his first girlfriend he was starting to fall in love with. You could see the difference."

"It's almost like every time I realize he's not going to come back, that I shake myself to the core again," Rowsey said.

More than a year has gone by and it has not gotten any easier for Colton's family.

"I still wait for a phone call. I still wait for a text," Rowsey said. "Those are habits you just can't change."

In her phone, Rowsey showed an example of the bond shared by the mother and son.

"He would call me and talk. 'I love you. I love you more,'" Rowsey said.

It would be the last text message she would receive from Colton. Hours later, on Nov. 14, 2016, at the young age of 19, Colton was gunned down outside of the Marbella Apartments on Weber Road.

"At three in the morning I got a call at the house," Rowsey said. "It's my father, and he's saying you need to come to the hospital. Colton has been hurt. It doesn't matter how fast I drive, Colton is dead."

"He's already cold, already gone," Cavazos said. "They tell us we can't touch him. We can't hold him."

Colton's parents said several people witnessed the fatal shooting. Rowsey said her son thought he was going to get into a fist fight. She said the people who called him to go outside had sent a Snapchat telling other people to show up and that something was going to happen.

"You see my son in the video, shake his head, and say 'okay'. As he walks to where he was supposed to get into an altercation, he was shot in the chest," Rowsey said.

"It was a matter of seconds when it happened," said Brianna Garcia, Colton's girlfriend at the time. "I just heard gunshots, and it didn't stop for a long time."

3News sat down with Brianna and some Colton's friends and relatives who are still heartbroken and left with questions.

"It hurts that people out there know, and it hurts that there are mothers who know," said Samantha Garcia, Colton's sister. "The mothers of these kids out there, they know."

The case, however, has gone unsolved for over a year with no arrests.

Colton's parents said they have been in touch with the detective working the case and believe it's just a matter of time before an arrest is made.

Detective Jason Smith with the Corpus Christi Police Department said he has spoken to several people about the crime and confirmed there are two videos of the incident.

"Obviously we haven't interviewed the correct person yet. We will in time, " Smith said. "I just got a lead here about a month ago. We are following up on that, and I consider it promising at this time."

"We are going to press on, keep on as long as we are alive," Colton's father said. "Whoever is out there and thinks they got away, there's not a chance in hell."

"I'd like people to know that he was the sweetest young man with so much potential," Rowsey said. "I pray someone will come forward and do the right thing and let us have that closure."

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