Corpus Christi (KIII News) — Their charred bodies were discovered at a palm tree farm in Robstown in February and three months since the gruesome murders of Jesus Gomez and Isabel Cuellar there has yet to be an arrest.

Bill Churchwell re-examines the case from the family members who were closest to Jesus and Isabel.

"When I got home that day, I was happy as always, I was off work which was good, and I said hey, we're going to make some food, get to see my dad tell him about my day," said Bryan Gomez, Jesus Gomez' son.

The day was Saturday, Feb. 3.

"To my shocking surprise what I found, turned my whole life upside down to this day," Bryan said.

What Bryan discovered inside of his father's trailer behind his home at I-37 and Up River Road was horrific.

"Extensive amounts of blood," Bryan said.

Bryan's father 51-year-old Jesus Gomez was missing.

About 16 miles from where Jesus disappeared police were already investigating the discovery of two bodies found burned at a Palm Tree Farm in Robstown.

"They identified his body on February 6th," Bryan said.

Using dental records police confirmed the worst Jesus' death was ruled a homicide.

"I'm glad that I'm not holding onto false hope thinking he's out there alive, but I'm also hurt, every day who do I look up to, you're my dad, and show me how to be a man," Bryan said.

The investigation showed Jesus and a woman 35-year-old Isabel Cuellar were murdered at the Gomez' home and then transported to the tree farm.

There are still many unanswered questions as to why Bryan's father was targeted.

Bryan explained during a 3News interview that he did not know anyone who would have wanted to cause his father harm.

"He could have been giving a helping hand, being that it was such a busy area, often times people were sitting at the corner at the bus stop in front of my house waiting for a bus or down on their luck homeless. If my dad saw, it didn't matter, he would cook something and say there you go for them," Bryan said.

To find out more about Isabel Cuellar, Bill Churchwell set down with Francisca Cuellar -- Isabel's sister.

"She didn't deserve what she went through and how she died," Francisca said.

Francisca shared pictures of Isabel and explained how Isabel came from a tough background but remembered her as the protective one and someone with a strong will.

"We didn't have parents to guide us through life, we basically learned life ourselves," Francisca said.

Francisca declined to talk about the case itself because out of fear of her own life. Francisca explains that her sister's devasting murder forces her to make her own decision.

"I was living another life. I can't change it. It made me get out of that lifestyle," Francisca said.

Adalia Cuellar, sister of Isabel told 3 News by phone, "my sister was very outgoing, very very overprotective of anyone she knew. She was my older sister, but to me, we were raised in foster care, she was my mom."

"He was always smiling," Bryan said.

Bryan's life has also changed since the tragic events on that February day.

"A giant part of my life left that day, to this day never been the same," Bryan said. "He liked classic cars, we would get him with his walker in the car, and we would go to the classic car meet, with his old Camero."

Outside in the driveway still sits the 1986 Camero.

"Sits here collecting dust, a memory of what used to be, something so beautiful," Bryan said.

While life continues around Bryan, it seems time has stopped ticking not being able to wake up from the nightmare of what happened hoping one day the person who killed his father and Isabel will be brought to justice.

"It changes somebody. It affects their whole lifestyle, how they eat, how they care for themselves. Even the fact you feel sick every day," Bryan said. "Not only to give my family closure but to give justice to my father and Isabel, because no one deserves to be killed."

Bryan will be putting up flyers around town to help solve the crime and is hopes you can help.

If you have any information on the case to call police at 361-886-2600.

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