Corpus Christi (KIII News) — It was June of 2013 Martin Diaz Deleon, and the Refugio County Sheriff's Office responded to a rural road just outside of the city of Woodsboro.

What the officers found was disturbing.

"We arrived we found the individual who was shot, his name was Paul Lopez," said Chief Martin Diaz Deleon, Woodsboro Police Department.

Paul Lopez Sr. a father of three children was dead, his body discovered by his 16-year-old son.

An investigation revealed Paul had been shot multiple times while cleaning the swimming pool.

The death of Paul would be the first murder in the area in eight years leaving the small community with a big mystery.

"He worked for an oil field company here in town, he was a well-liked person, don't know what this might have happened," Deleon said.

Deleon is now the Chief of Police for Woodsboro, but at the time of the murder, he was the initial case officer with the Refugio County Sheriffs.

"The kids were young, one of the kids were fixing to graduate, so it was a situation, he wouldn't be able to see his son graduate, always a tragedy," Deleon said.

"My dad now has five grandchildren, and he's never gotten, my brother's kids will never know my dad," said the daughter of Paul Lopez, Mary.

Mary spoke with Kiii-TV by phone about the case of Paul.

"We live in such a small town but to think something like that could happen; no one heard anything, one knows anything, its just crazy," Mary said.

Mary shared tons of pictures with her dad. Mary remembered Paul as someone who enjoyed a day out on the water, a Dallas Cowboy's fan who always supported his favorite team, and a loving father.

"How would anyone feel losing their father and not having any answers as to why," Mary said. "You don't know who it is, don't know who you are walking next to, sitting next to."

Questions remain unanswered for the Lopez family.

Evidence was collected following the crime, suspects were investigated, and there was even an arrest in September 2013 in Aransas County.

The man arrested was eventually cleared, and the case was dropped by the District Attorney due to a lack of evidence.

Refugio County Sheriff Pinky Gonzales re-opened the murder case when he took over as sheriff in 2017.

"The previous sheriff here is also concerned about this case, it bothered him that this case wasn't solved on his clock, to this day he talks about it, and also trying to help us with this case, it just bothers him quite a bit, it bothers me," Gonzales said

Working with Deleon Gonzales is determined to solve Paul's murder once and for all.

"I pray to God that we can solve it," Gonzales said.

"This is a personal one to me because it remains unsolved, and I want to try to get it solved, for myself but the family, I see them every day, and they see me, and I know they have those questions. They want it done, they want it solved, and I promised I would get someone arrested," Deleon said.