THREE RIVERS, Texas — Officials at Valero Refinery broke ground Friday for a new administration building in Three Rivers, Texas.

Eventually, the multimillion-dollar facility will be the first thing people see when they get close to that city.

Dozens were in attendance to take part in the first step toward building Valero's 42,000 square foot administration building. The company's Vice President and General Manager Erik Simpson said the construction of the building is a part of Valero's efforts to renovate and modernize.

"Just want a great facility for all our employees to come to work everyday and have the amenities that a lot of the other companies provide their employees," Simpson said.

The new building will be equipped with more than just offices.

"We'll have a wellness clinic, a workout facility, and also it will have a credit union for our employees," Simpson said.

Three Rivers Mayor Samuel Garcia said he appreciates the resources and time Valero is putting into the community. He said it signifies that Valero is there to stay.

"They are here for the long run," Garcia said. "Whenever somebody is putting in $12 million into an investment for a building like this, it shows that they want to be here for the community."

Not only does the new construction bring jobs to the area, but City Administrator Thomas Salazar said it will help with the City's beautification efforts.

"The City of Three Rivers right now is working with the EDC for downtown renovations and this is just going to help complement what the City is working on right now," Salazar said.

According to Mayor Garcia, Three Rivers is also working on a $750,000 sidewalk project to help make all parts of the city more accessible.