Rumors have been running rampant on social media about gas stations running out of fuel across Texas as many motorists frantically try to find available gasoline.

Fuel supply has been an issue in South Texas, and there has been a gas shortage in Corpus Christi as drivers line up to make sure they have enough fuel to get around.

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Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton spoke to our sister station WFAA and said there are currently 15 refineries along the Gulf Coast that are either down or are running at limited capacity, which comes out to about three-million barrels of refining capacity a day.

However, the gas shortages are happening because of the increased panic among drivers.

"That dynamic is what is causing this, and the gas stations can't get gas today," Sitton said.

Sitton also said there are 230 million barrels of gasoline inventory across the United States, so he encourages drivers to take a break from the pump.