Molly and Oscar were found abandoned on Padre Island over a month ago. When the Faith and Hope Foundation took the dogs, both tested positive for heartworms and Molly was diagnosed with mass cell cancer.

Steve Carlino who volunteers with Villa South Assisted Living suggested bringing the dogs into their facility which helps residents who are living with disabilities.

Donna Howland who is the Executive Director at Villa says that the dogs "have given residents a new hobby" and their presence has helped lift moral.

Connie Bowen, president of the Faith and Hope Foundation says that the facility is "doing a great thing" by bringing in Molly and Oscar.

She encourages other assisted living facilities to bring in rescue dogs as it frees up more opportunities for people to foster other dogs.

Bowen reminds locals that spaying and neutering dogs helps control the animal population in the Coastal Bend.

Molly and Oscar now have a permanent home at Villa and are bringing joy to both residents and visitors who they come across.