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Q&A concerning voting in the 2020 Election in Nueces County

To get the info you need for the 2020 Elections, text ‘VOTE” to (361) 855-6397.

NUECES COUNTY, Texas — As early voting starts to wind down and residents are preparing for Election Day, we continue to get lots of questions here in the newsroom, including these:

  • Q: “I was turned away for wearing a mask with Joe Biden on it. Are there really rules against that?”
  • A: There are, actually. In fact, it is against the law.

You are not supposed to wear or display any campaign materials within 100 feet of the entrance to a polling location expressing a preference for or against a candidate. That includes hats, T-shirts and facial coverings.

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By the way, you are required to wear a face mask when casting your ballot. That ruling was handed down by a federal district judge earlier this week, in spite of the fact that Governor Greg Abbott wanted there to be an exception.

  • Q: “My gender is wrong on my registration card. Can I still vote? How do I change it?”
  • A: Remember, you do not have to bring your registration card in order to vote, as long as you have one of the accepted forms of identification. If there is a mistake on your voter registration certificate, you should contact your county voter registrar and make the correction as soon as possible.

  • Q: “I submitted an application to vote by mail but never got one, so I went to vote in-person. What should I do if I get one in the mail?”
  • A: If you have already voted and you receive an election ballot in the mail, officials say that you should destroy it. You absolutely do not need to send it back.

Remember, to get the info you need for the 2020 Elections, text ‘VOTE” to (361) 855-6397.

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