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Coronavirus Task Force: 'Potentially 1 in every 10 Coastal Bend residents is actively infected with COVID'

The Coastal Bend is third in average new cases per day per 100,000 population in Texas.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Officials with the City of Corpus Christi and Nueces County held their daily COVID-19 press briefing Friday with Dr. Bird of the Texas A&M University Corpus Christi Coronavirus Task Force. Watch it here.

On Friday, Nueces County dropped a bombshell saying that contact tracing added 555 more coronavirus cases to Nueces County's total. The local Coronavirus Task Force also predicted that potentially 1 in every 10 Coastal Bend residents is actively infected with COVID.

"This week was really a series of 300s, not 250s," City Manager Peter Zanoni said. 

Zanoni added that the additional cases come about because the state is now taking over with managing the caseload, which includes contact tracing and extra data collection.

"From the work they did form the 19th through 30th, they basically gave us all those cases in one report, one data dump and that constituted 555 confirmed cases that weren't reported to our database until yesterday," Zanoni said. 

Even with higher numbers than first reported, the numbers given by local hospitals are up to date. Dr. Chris Bird with the task force said soon the worst could be behind us.

"People in the hospital is starting to come down a little bit, but the number of people in the ICU is still right at the peak right now," Dr. Bird said. "The models indicate that they should start to see ICU down as well as fatalities."

With that trend still in the future, city-county leaders are continuously reminding the community that it only takes one infection to start a fire and tear families apart.

"This is a serious illness that we are dealing with and that's why we're so adamant that you follow the rules and regulations that we propose and remind you of," Mayor Joe McComb said. "These are people, not just statistics."

Dr. Bird said even with fewer cases than two weeks ago, if we're not careful, there can easily be another spike.

"COVID-19, it's a freight train," Dr. Bird said. "We've just stopped it from speeding up. It's starting to slow down a little bit. As soon as we let up, it's going to speed up again."

He added that letting our guard down now will bring us back to square one.

Additional Highlights from Friday's briefing:

  • The Coastal Bend is experiencing lowest transmission rate since May.
  • People infected per carrier: 0.9.
  • 25-percent of total tests performed in Nueces are coming back positive. 
  • The Coastal Bend is third in average new cases per day per 100,000 population in Texas.
  • Bee and Live Oak County are trending upwards in cases per day. San Patricio is trending downwards. 
  • The Coastal Bend ranks third in Texas in hospitalized coronavirus patients. 
  • Cell phone data is being used to access behaviors. 
  • Potentially 1 in every 10 Coastal Bend residents is actively infected.
  • COVID-19 ICU usage and fatalities is predicted to be peaking now.
  • Hurricane Hanna helped social distancing efforts by keeping people home.
  • Face coverings in public decrease transmission up to 50-percent.
  • Mayor Joe McComb announces the death of Debra Garcia, a Victim's Advocate with the Corpus Christi Police Department.
  • City pools, splash pads, McGee and North Beach will reopen tomorrow, August 1.
  • From July 19 - July 30 contact tracing has added 555 more cases to Nueces County's total. 
  • 10 COVID related deaths, 356 new coronavirus cases reported in Nueces County today. Here's a breakdown of cases in the Coastal Bend.
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