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Here's what to expect with CCISD's teacher pay increase

The district is looking at starting salaries at $13 an hour for auxiliary staff. Administrators would see a 1% increase that amounts to $850.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Thursday morning it was announced that CCISD educators may be getting a pay increase. But how much of an increase is determined by one's experience?

CCISD's Deputy Superintendent for Business and Support Services Karen Griffith told 3NEWS there have been several conversations with the school board adopting a new budget by June 30. 

The district is working with a $22 million deficit. To Griffith, the proposed pay increase demonstrates that staff is valued.

"So we're at a $22 million deficit already, so we'll add that 3.7, so it'll be around a $26 million deficit budget moving forward," she said. 

That extra $3.7 million dollars is earmarked for teachers, nurses, librarians and counselors to get a pay increase ranging between $600- 900 depending on experience.

"They were courageous enough to go ahead and say even though we know we're in a deficit, it's important to let our employees know how important they are," Griffith said.

The district is looking at starting salaries at $13 an hour for auxiliary staff. Administrators would see a 1% increase that amounts to $850.

"I know that it may be to some that it's not enough," Griffith said.  "And I do appreciate that thought, but at least we're trying to show all of our employees, that we value them and we thank them for sticking with us." 

Some educators feel the state legislature should be doing more to help public schools.

President of the Corpus Christi American Federation of Teachers Nancy Vera was disappointed by the numbers represented in the CCISD teacher pay raise recommendations. 

"Looking at a 1, 2 percent to 1.5 percent increase from the midpoint, that is approximately $6-900 over a period of 12 months, before taxes," Vera said. "That doesn't amount to much, especially with the rate of inflation right now. We have long anticipated that there is a shortage of funds in school districts, because of the lack of funding from state legislature and the governor of Texas." 

Vera feels public schools should receive more support from the state.

"The reason why we have a teacher shortage, and a shortage of bus drivers, and a shortage of paraprofessionals, is because we're not paying fair salaries because it's a lack of funding," Vera said 

CCISD employees will also see a $500 'welcome back' stipend in September and a 1% mid-year stipend in November. The district is also looking at a 2% salary stipend paid in June that will go towards retirement.

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