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Will the state of Texas be providing any financial help to residents who suffered winter storm damage?

State leaders are working this week to try and find out who's at fault for leaving Texans unprotected.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — We are hearing more from residents in the Coastal Bend about the various kinds of damage they suffered during last week's freeze.

One big question that we've been hearing from people is will the state of Texas be providing any financial help?

Fermin Sanchez, his wife and children, had to scramble to get drinking water and try to stay warm for the week of cold temperatures.

"I got a family of five," Sanchez said. "I got three babies. I got a 15, nine and an eight-year-old and doing the boiling water, it was pretty time consuming."

Sanchez said he had to wait for warmer weather to return to find the extent of damages to his Corpus Christi home. 

"I actually went underneath my house, there was a fitting that actually exploded from the fitting which connects the pipes that come in to my house," Sanchez said.

He said he has homeowners insurance but got bad news.

Credit: 3News

"The only thing they were going to cover is either the water damage to your house, so say my pipes busted inside my house, the wood got all deteriorated, all corroded, they would cover that but unfortunately coming in with the busted pipes, they won't be able to cover that," Sanchez said.

Sanchez said he did apply to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, but was turned down for help.

State Legislator Todd Hunter said they will spend this week trying not only to find who's at fault for leaving Texans unprotected, but what the state can do to help. He said those committees are already trying to find Texans some relief.

Sanchez said he is trying to have a good outlook throughout all of this. 

"I  always think about positive vibes and just take it day by day," he added.

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