She goes to dialysis three days a week, each session lasting over three hours. After that, she recovers at home and tries to put on a brave face for her family, telling them she's fine; she's okay, but on the inside, she feels pain and weakness.

Ann Flores has lived with Lupus for 20 years. Shortly after she was diagnosed, Flores learned her kidneys were being attacked by her own body and began dialysis a few years later. Fast forward to today and she's still fighting for her life; a battle that she's determined to win.

"I've accepted my disease i've accepted my destiny I guess you could say whats the point of being in bed depressed crying about it," Flores says.

Flores is only 50 years old, she says there's so much she hasn't done in her life and for that reason she will continue to fight. However, her veins aren't able to withstand dialysis and a graft put in to widen them faces severe infection, so now, Ann needs something more.

"I appreciate whoever invented it because it's kept me alive, but it's a very hard way of living, I feel like I have so much more to do," she adds.

She needs a kidney.

Flores says all of her family members have been tested, especially her daughter who was supposed to be the perfect match, until a physical exam proved she was unable to donate due to a pre-existing condition.

"Both of us were going into this like ok this is it we're, good we're good, we're good, it was kinda sad and depressing but you know here we are trying to find somebody," Katherine Flores says.

Right now Ann's only hope is her cousin who could donate to her, however he still needs two kidneys and would have to swap with someone else.

"Sometimes i do feel like i'm alone cause nobody knows what i'm feeling or how I feel inside even though I look good oh you look good yeah but I'm not," Ann continues.

So despite the pain and hardships she faces, Ann will continue this battle until she finds the perfect match.

"Her life can be saved I don't think anybody's ready to lose their mom," Ann's daughter adds.

"There's someone out there that will match me I just I need you I need to find you."

If you are able to, the Flores family is asking anyone to get tested by visiting this link