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Rapper Young Fletcher, Yo Gotti collaborate and drop single ‘Truth Be Told’ after lawsuit over stolen verses

Rapper Young Fletcher says Yo Gotti stole one of his verses without paying him. The two have since reached settlement. The amount was not made public.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Rapper Yo Gotti has settled a lawsuit with North Carolina Rapper Young Fletcher. Fletcher, sued the Memphis, Tennessee rapper years ago. He claims that Yo Gotti stole one of his verses without paying him. 

Gotti tried to get the verdict overturned in Forsyth County court in June but failed. According to a news release, the two parties reached an undisclosed amount. 

But if there's bad blood between the parties, it's not obvious. They just released a new song called "Truth be told" together. 

Young Fletcher said in a release, “I’m excited about “Truth Be Told” which dropped this week with Yo Gotti.  My career suffered for 3yrs behind this law suit, I was honestly done with this industry. Thankfully Gotti and I were able to resolve it respectably as men. My message to other artists is: make sure you stay in the loop and are knowledgeable about contracts, but get a great attorney! This was a blessing and a sign from on high. The full project will be released at the top of the year. I want everyone to go grab it, and I look forward to working with Yo Gotti in future endeavors."

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